All Members for Change promissory note


  1. Bring Back the shop steward Convention

  2. Ensure a annual general membership meetings

  3. Bring meetings to Boroughs to ensure member participation.

  4. Ensure response time to a 48 hrs rule for members complaints

  5. Make sure every member receives a copy of their contract

  6. Create a members emergency relief fund to help members in distress.

  7. 24 hr hot line for members with emergencies to reach a union staff member.

  8. Every Business Agent must complete a 4-6 week labor study course on representation of members.

  9. Every shop steward must attend shop steward training classes

  10.  Give all shop stewards a well deserved raise monthly.

  11.  Create a local 237 college tuition reimbursement fund for members.

  12.  Create affordable Daycare for local 237 members