All Members For Change Mission Statement.

The mission of “The All Members For Change website is to be an information source for every local 237 union members. This website is designed to give members Factual and true updated information about our union and our union officials. Things the union leaderships do not want you to know. We will keep you informed and share information about our rights as union members. We will have online discussions about our true rights in the work place and share information as it pertain to us.

  Our goal is to bring back the strong union presence to the labor movement by educating the members. Many has fought and died for our right to organize for job security including a fair and impartial working environment and decent wages. The so-called labor leaders have sold us out to management and corporate Greed. While the world moves forward economically and socially , the livelihood of the American working class, has gravely diminished while so-called labor leaders has and continue to live out the true American dream of Financial, Medical and social  stability.

    The union leadership has and continues to work hard to keep us divided for the purpose of keeping us ignorant to our true power we have when we come together. It is our goal to reunite the membership and empower each and every one of us with the desire and faith that we can and will prevail against unfair labor practices.


    I Jakwan Rivers pledge that forever more that A.M.F.C will always keep the interest of the members completely first.



The working class helped build this great Country and we will be part of its growth!





We will not be intimidated by our own union leadership

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Who is Jakwan Rivers


Jakwan Rivers, Labor/Community activist
In 2011 Jakwan Rivers filed a Federal Lawsuit against the NYCHA for unfair Labor Practices and the Teamsters Local 237 for failure to properly represent its members.

In 2010 Jakwan Rivers filed a complaint with the Office Of Collective Bargaining against the NYCHA and Teamsters local 237 for violating members rights in the workplace.

In 2008 Jakwan Rivers joined the Members for Change group, A GROUP OF LOCAL 237 CITY WORKERS UNION rank and file members fighting for a fair and just work environment for all members

In Jan, 2006, Jakwan was appointed by the Local 237 Executive Board to the position of Business Agent, where he represented over 1,500 members in several different job titles. In this capacity, Jakwan established a reputation as a dynamic leader who Local 237 members could trust and rely on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
IN 2003 Jakwan Rivers founded the Teamsters local 237 Street Team who became a voice which advocated for the rights of 237 members.
In 2003, Jakwan was appointed by Local 237 President Carroll Haynes to serve as a key liaison between the union and over 1,270 members within the New York City Housing Authority.
Jakwan was also a member of Local 237’s Contract Negotiation Committee, where he worked tirelessly on several contracts and personally drafted and submitted specific proposals to enhance wages and benefits for Local 237
Jakwan Rivers has been a devoted member of Teamsters Local 237 for over 17 years. In 1998, he ran unopposed and was successfully elected to the position of Shop Steward at the New York City Housing Authority. As a Shop Steward he diligently represented many Local 237 members, assisting them with a vast array of work-related issues.
Jakwan Rivers started working for NYCHA in 1986 after completing the New York City Housing Authority training program. After completing the program, Jakwan was employed as a Cable Splicer’s Helper for Con Edison and was soon promoted to the title of Underground Cable Splicer for the Consolidated Edison Company. After 10 years at Con Ed, he returned to the Housing Authority as a Maintenance